1 Stage Machine Polishing


An image of a staff member performing mobile car wash machine polishOur Mobile 1 Stage Machine Car Polish service is a quick and affordable way to keep your car looking brand-new and restore your vehicle’s shine.

Our Approach:

  1. We carefully hand wash the car.
  2. The exterior is then decontaminated to remove tar, glue, and tree sap using relevant chemicals.
  3. We then machine polish the vehicle – 1 stage machine polishing that offers the perfect shine and will also polish minor scratches and swirls. However, the imperfections may not be completely removed depending on the paint condition and age.

Once the job has been properly and professionally handled, you will be able to see the deepness and colour of the paint and clear reflections. So we recommend Mobile 1 Stage Machine Car Polish because is our best selling service at the moment.

We use only the best professional compounds and machine polishers. Our commitment to full customer satisfaction! And this is driven by achieving outstanding results and our passion for restoring the appearance of older cars, as well as brand-new cars.

In addition, if you require more in depth car polish then 4+ Stage machine car polish we recommend go strait to our 4+ Stage Machine Car Polish service. In details, all stages requires different technics. Also we use different materials and compounds. After completion and final clean with panel wipe, we apply as a standard protective sealant that is included in the price.

Please contact us with the relevant information and details for prompt quote.

For a bespoke and detailed quotation, please contact us on 07423284234 to discuss.

Service Area

Generally speaking, we cover Greater London and Surrey. However this is a list of areas and locations. Also Central London. As well as Part of North London and North West London. Also Part of South London and South West London. We also service the nearest counties or part of it as Surrey, Middlesex, Berkshire, Kent, Essex and Sussex.

If Looking for Ceramic Nano Coating service as well please visit: CERAMIC NANO COATING

Alternatively please visit: www.valiantvaleting.com

Optional extras:

  • Engine Cleaning from – £50
  • Headlights Restoration – £70

For optional extras, please ask our Valeting Specialist at the time of service to confirm.

Looking for extras like adding HD Protective Wax please visit: HDWAX

Alternatively please visit: www.valiantvaleting.com


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