Upholstery Cleaning


Our professional Upholstery Cleaning in London service can clean the most delicate fabrics and fine leather in offices, homes, venues and more.

This service can be combined with our Carpet and Rug Cleaning service.

Upholstery Cleaning in London Service Includes:

  1. Our professional attendants will inspect the fabrics to confirm the level of wear, suitability, and the best chemical for use.
  2. Vacuum clean (NOT used on delicate upholstery fabrics) the whole area to remove all common hard objects, soil and if necessary, using a hand tool to manually collect debris from heavy soiled areas.
  3. Pre-spray with the relevant chemical for various stains caused by coffee, greasy food, wine & alike.
  4. Using Prochem (one of the most reputable cleaning product manufacturers) we additionally spray areas with a mixture of detergent and water whilst at the same time, using deep vacuum suction to remove excess water and dirt which is extracted from the fabrics, leaving the area almost dry.
  5. Gently perfume the clean upholstery and fine fabric to leave a fresh, like-new look and smell.
  6. Upon request, we can use air blowers to speed up the drying process. How quickly it achieves full dry will depend on the cleaned area and location. We recommend naturally drying by simply keeping windows and doors open for a few hours.


Please note: The Displayed price is for 3 working hours.

Additional charges per item:

  • chair + £ 10.00
  • armchair + £ 25.00
  • 2 seater sofa + £ 35.00
  • 3 seater sofa + £ 45.00
  • 4 seater sofa + £ 55.00
  • double sofa bed + £ 55.00
  • single mattress + £ 20.00

For a bespoke and detailed quotation, please contact us on 07423284234 to discuss.

Service Area

Generally speaking, we cover Greater London and Surrey. However this is a list of areas and locations. Also Central London. As well as Part of North London and North West London. Also Part of South London and South West London. We also service the nearest counties or part of it as Surrey, Middlesex, Berkshire, Kent, Essex and Sussex.

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