Full Valet Machine Polishing


Full Mobile Car Valet Machine PolishFull Mobile Car Valet Machine Polish for Small and Medium Car – £ 198.00; 4×4, SUV, Luxury & Sport – £ 218.00

Our service imparts an outstanding lustre and depth of shine with exceptional resistance to environmental contaminants to your car exterior.

Our 1 stage machine polishing offers the perfect shine and can help with the removal of minor scratches and swirl marks, depending on the paint condition and age.  In addition to the machine polishing, we apply a protective coat that seals the paintwork.

Delicate leather and fine fabrics, upholstery, seats, and carpets are extensively shampooed. We use a dump extraction method. In addition the interior of the car is anti-odour treated, disinfected and deodorised. In some circumstances, we use steam cleaning.

Locations Served: Central London, part of North London, part of North West London, part of South London, and South West London. We DO NOT currently serve in East London.

Our mobile full car valet machine polish service includes the following:

Interior ValetExterior Valet
Remove rubbishSafe for paint, exterior hand wash using a mitt and shampooed water.
Hoovering/ Brush vacuum mats, seats, dashboard, compartments and bootExterior clean with clean water and aqua wax
Spray, wipe and polish dashboard, controls, gear stick and doorsExterior microfibre towel water remover and deep soft towel dry and buff
Spray, clean and polish all windows and mirrors inside.Windows and Mirrors polished outside
Use of liquid air fresheners and odour eliminators.Wheels clean with no acidic liquid and dry
Tyre dressing for shine effect.

Optional extras:

  • Engine Cleaning from – £50
  • Headlights Restoration – £70

For available extras, please ask our Valeting Specialist at the time of service to confirm.

IMPORTANT! Mobile Full Car Valeting is professional car interior cleaning service. However, this service does not include the cleaning of bodily fluids and if the vehicle is not as originally described (badly soiled, human fluids), then our attendant will request an additional charge or cancel the service. So for a cleaning service that deals with bodily fluids, please visit our Specialist Car Valeting Service page.

Please contact us ahead of time if you would like to cancel your booking, otherwise, you may incur a cancelation fee of £50.

Looking for extras like adding Valet Prestige please visit: VALET PRESTIGE

Alternatively please visit: www.valiantvaleting.com

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