Headlights Restoration


Our professional Headlights Restoration service offers a quick solution to remove cloudy and yellow discolouration as well as any oxidisation marks, dull spots, scuffs, and fine scratches. This returns your headlight lenses back to a clear “Like New” condition!

Most headlights are manufactured from strong clear plastic which comes with a protective surface coating. This will wear off over time due to exposure to UV rays, road grime, stone chips, and extreme weather conditions.  The moment your headlights start to become cloudy and yellowed, your visibility is greatly reduced at night as the light output is diminished making night time driving more dangerous, not to mention making the vehicle look unsightly and uncared for.

Car Headlights Lenses Restoration Method and Benefits
1. Washing and decontaminating headlight.
2. Masking to cover the car around the headlights that require restoration.
3. Removing the old, yellowed and cloudy surface using several stages process.
4. Polishing the headlights at 3 levels.
5. Final stage application with Protective UV lacquer - Restored Headlight Clear Coat is a unique clear coat lacquer that is specially formulated to be the final stage for any plastic/ polycarbonate headlight lens restoration. It replaces the original discoloured cloudy top layer that will have been removed during the reconditioning/restoration process.

Once applied the clear coat dries to a hard long-lasting, chip-resistant, durable finish that acts as a barrier sealing the surface and resisting UV rays and future deterioration. This product is reliable and stuck to the surface permanently in comparison with most other ‘liquid solutions’ that wash off and need reapplying on a regular basis!

Headlights Restoration in London and Surrey Features:

  • Permanent lens surface sealer for restored headlights
  • Resistant to UV rays and environmental conditions
  • Non-yellowing formula
  • Tough Scratch Resistant and impact resistant coating
  • Produces a watertight seal over the lens surface

For Available Extras please ask our Detailing Specialist at the time of service to confirm.

Service Coverage

We cover Greater London and Surrey. However this is a list of areas and locations. Central London. Part of North London and North West London. So part of South London and South West London. We also service the nearest counties or part of it as Surrey, Middlesex, Berkshire, Kent, Essex and Sussex.

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